Tool Path Optimization


A Complete Suite of CNC Optimization Solutions to Create Faster, Safer & More Efficient Tool Paths on All Machine Types.

In the highly-competitive world of CNC manufacturing, businesses need to look for any way they can possibly gain an edge over the competition. Analyzing your machining process and trimming minutes off here and there in both the programming and machining can lead to huge savings at year-end. That’s where ICAM’s SmartPACK product suite can help.

The SmartPACK lineup consists of SmartCUT for automatic detection and elimination of time-wasting air-cuts, SmartFEED for intelligent feed-rate adjustment based on depth-of-cut and SmartPATH for advanced tool-path optimization. Better yet, when used as part of ICAM’s Adaptive Post-Processing™ technology, it can perform all these operations simultaneously, without the need for excessive CAM reprogramming and retesting.


Migrate Your NC Code to Varied Machines with SmartPATH®

Rather than spend costly time to develop and verify positioning paths using trial and error, our patented SmartPATH® technology automatically finds the optimal path to move the tool quickly and safely from one position to another, respecting the specific machine kinematics, travel and size limits. This enables NC programmers to move part programs quickly and efficiently by simply re-post-processing the original CAM program if shop conditions require that the manufacturing program be moved to a different machine

Migrate Existing G-Code Between Varied CNC Machines

Transfer Your Existing Part Program

Automatically transfer your part program from one CNC machine to another with completely different kinematics. This can be done on the shop floor as scheduling needs and CNC availability dictate.


Save Time by Minimizing Positioning Trials

Reduce your manufacturing cycle time by eliminating the process of trial and error when adjusting multi-axis positioning motions in the CAM environment and minimizing the unproductive time of the positioning operation.

Generate Safe & Efficient CNC Tool Paths with SmartPATH

 SmartPATH® can also be used to automatically create an optimal tool-path, ensuring that the generated multi-axis motions do not cause collisions with dynamically changing in-process stock and all other surroundings such as the fixtures and moving/non-moving components of the machine.

Optimize CNC Tool Paths Automatically with ICAM's SmartPATH


Automatic Tool-Path Optimization

Ensure optimized and safe multi-axis positioning paths, which are collision-free based on the actual machine tool kinematics, dynamically changing in-process stock, workpiece, fixtures and machining environment.



Maximize Your CNC Machine Envelope

Maximize your part accessibility by taking full advantage of the machine’s work envelope. As a result, parts having a large size with respect to the machine work envelope can be accommodated, without any over-travel issues, even during multi-axis positioning motions.

Reduce Manufacturing Time By Eliminating Air-Cuts with SmartCUT™

By using material removal simulation to detect when the tool is not engaged with the material and moving at a cutting feed, SmartCUT™ eliminates time wasting air-cuts. Where feasible, it changes these air-cut motions to RAPID or high-feed; thereby significantly reducing machining cycle time.



Detect RAPID Motions & Adjust Feed-Rate

Detect positioning (i.e. RAPID) or high-feed motions that cut into the in-process stock and in addition to warning the NC programmer, will automatically reduce the feed-rate to the upcoming programmed feed to avoid tool breakage. Similarly, when leaving the material, SmartCUT will detect RAPID motions that cut the stock when leaving the part and will automatically slow down these cutting motions to the last programmed feed.

  • Combine With SmartPATH®

SmartCUT™ and SmartPATH® when used together can significantly improve NC programs containing time wasting air-cuts. SmartCUT™ will detect the start point and subsequent end points of air-cut segments as normal, but instead of increasing the velocity along the programmed path, it will use SmartPATH® to compute the fastest path to the start of the next cut.

  • Customizable to Suit Your Process

SmartCUT™ provides other settings that can: ignore air-cutting paths less than a specified length; enforce a minimum safe distance on air-cut positioning motions; and define minimum safe positioning approach and exit feed distances.

  • Intelligent Path Optimization

SmartCUT takes into account the current state of the in-process stock as well as part, fixtures and machine components, when computing the shortest path to the start of the cut.


Adjust CNC Feed Rate Automatically with SmartFEED™

SmartFEED™ optimizes cutting feed-rates by using material removal simulation to automatically recalculate the best machining feed-rate based on the machine tool capabilities, tool reference cuts and the real-time engagement of the cutting tool in the in-process stock material


Allows for the full control over feed-rate parameters to automatically optimize feed-rates in your part programs. SmartFEED™ is easy to use and can be entirely controlled from post-processor commands. It also includes post-processor run-time dialogs for programmers who prefer a more interactive approac


SmartFEED™ allows NC programmers to place limitations on the spindle speed, feed-rate and spindle power and provides settings to define what constitutes a significant change in feed-rate, to define the material removal sampling rate, and more. These are designed to assist the NC programmer in achieving an optimal balance between overall processing time, CNC program size and smoothly changing feed-rates.