Quick-change Pallet Systems

The modular quick-change pallet system. The largest modular system for individualists.

VERO-S from SCHUNK is the modular quick-change pallet system for very fast and extremely precise conversion of workpieces, clamping devices or other equipment on modern machining centers. VERO-S can be almost limitlessly combined with other products and systems from SCHUNK's range of stationary workholding. This modular system offers more than 500 workpiece clamping variants. For your individual application.
Our performance promise. Your benefits
  • Modular and completely thought-out modules
  • More than 500 varieties of workpiece clamping
  • Individual configuration possible
  • High pull-down forces
  • Very high repeat accuracies

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Quick-change pallet system for general milling applications and heavy duty cutting

The set-up time optimizer with maximum repeat accuracy
VERO-S NSE plus from SCHUNK is, due to high pull-down forces, the modular quick-change pallet system for applications with high machining parameters. It reduces set-up times by up to 90% and thus provides optimal utilization of the machine capacity. Clamping takes place in an energy neutral manner via spring force; is self-locking and form-fit. A pneumatic system pressure of 6 bar is sufficient to open the clamping modules.
Our performance promise. Your benefits
  • Up to 90% reduction of set-up costs
  • Repeat accuracy < 0.005 mm
  • Pull-down forces of up to 40 kN
  • Countless variants of the workpiece clamping
  • Form-fit, self-locking connections

                                         NSL 200                                                                                                                                          NSL400