Post Building

Powerful Post-Processors for any CAM system that work!

Working post processors are the key to any manufacturing facilities success.   Without a proper post machines stay idle 25-50% longer eating away at project profitability.  That's why Absolute prides itself in building quality post  that get the job done!   Proper post processors should work right the first time without any edits allowing our programmers to flawlessly transfer APT/CL files into G-CODE and go directly to the machine. 

So whether you are looking for a simple 2-axis or a complex 9-axis solution Absolute has you covered!  We work with all major machine tool builders as well as controllers manufacturers to ensure accuracy the first time. 

  • 2 -5 Axis 
  • Mill-turn 
  • Turning Mill 
  • Multi-Function 
  • Robot