Post Building

               Powerful Post-Processors for NX CAM that work!

Working post processors are the key to manufacturing success.   Without proper posts machines stay idle 25-50% longer eating away at project profitability.   Far too many CNC programmers have inadequate post processors that either don't access the full potential of the machine or require timely edits to work.    AMS is here to solve this bottle kneck with proven posts that are guaranteed to boost productivity.    AMS offers world-class post processors and simulation kits that allow for faster programming as well as full part traceability.   Give us a call and see how a small investment in your process can help dramatically decrease your cost per part. 

Whether you are looking for a simple 2-axis or a complex 9-axis solution AMS has you covered!  We work with all major machine tool builders as well as controllers manufacturers to ensure accuracy the first time. 

  • 2 -5 Axis 
  • Mill-turn 
  • Turning Mill 
  • Multi-Function 
  • Robot